Raining on the way to class ~ Thinking of a journal

Raining on the way to class

This photo was taken on evening 8th January 2013. It was heavily-intermittent rain that time. So we decide not to ride our beloved Haojiang bike. We need to walk from the Nariman Hospital to the Meery Hospital to have our lecture there. We take couple of pictures during that time which make the walk so enjoyable.

And it was really cold & wet. =p


The big horse statue. We pass here almost everyday but never think it was interesting until that rainy day come. Maybe because we too excited due to the rain and cold wind which make us felt we are not in Egypt and start to act like some foreigner who just arrive. (even we are 5th year student =p)


Even a roundabout look like a good place for picture.. haha.. Behind, were Egypt Water Ministry i think.. i cannot really remember it well enough but it related to ‘water’

There were more picture. But I think few would be enough. There also my picture on the other post here. I’m thinking about to have my candid hobby a journal, for myself. I mean like a book for me to keep some of my best picture (which are not really good) and any memoirs pictures I have taken. InsyaAllah i would like to learn more about writing, if not in english then malay is good as long i can keep writing. I know that my writing sucks and even I don’t want to read it again(i want to laugh). But I need to try and improve, or i’m not going anywhere. At least i can keep all my ideas even a stupid one inside a journal than let it just pass and forgotten. Also, I can “muhasabah” about myself a little.. I mean a lot.. haha.. And giving my commitment in writing may insyaAllah help me in avoiding “malas” disease which i have since born.. hahaha.. May Allah help me in this one.

*tq to Google yg check ejaan aku(tpi rsa ada slah gak).. grammar mesti byk slah.. aku mmg lemah bahasa inggeris =p



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