Dilemma of Photos

It 5.58 AM, and I am still in dilemma of choosing a right picture for my DIY journal. It’s not so hard to make, unless you want to make a complicated and nicer one. The dilemma is not because there are many pictures to choose, but it is another way around. Most of them not so interesting or at least make me interest with it. Not enough shiny some said. At the end result, I can only choose 3 of them. Most, I mean all are portrait pictures accept for my students-batch picture and few of my own pictures(which is also portrait).

But that is not the only dilemma. I have hard time choosing between B&W(black and white) or colour picture for my photo. Some appear more better in B&W(that is easy to choose) while some appear good in both, which is the problem. Taking one photo mean I’m leaving the other photo. So at last, it end by having both photo together. Of course it taking just a bit more spaces, but for now, I’m prefer both.



Using a needle, some fancy thread, sketch papers, button and Etihad free blanket. I just follow the instruction on youtube and tadaa~! Here my first DIY journal.

I’m planning to put all the pictures I choose in it actually~


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