backup kamera ~ which one for me?

Past few days my friend just post on my wall about 5 best interchangable lens camera (mirrorless)[link below]. Yes, i like it, literally, i click the like button. But when I think about it again and again and again.. then again.. Mirrorless not really that fun to use. Since I’m used to digital compact camera, I come to more prefer in advance compact camera like Canon G15 or Panasonic Lumix Lx-7. Come to size, each not so big in difference. Mirrorless and compact both have small body, but if you put the len(depend on what len), mirrorless seems to be quite bigger. Of course, compact already have lens in it. For photo quality, you cannot fight with DSLR younger brother, the mirrorless. With bigger sensor and better lens, what you expect? It must be better than compact. But nowadays, even compact camera have a very good quality image, even pro sometimes use them. Price?? I think we all know that. Mirrorless is better with a high price. Compact too. Easy to say, both are expensive. But it is more easy to find cheaper compact camera as there are no cheap mirrorless now in market. Then, which one is better for me? A dillema again… again.. and again..

Canon G15
Canon G15
Lumix Lx-7
Lumix Lx-7 ——— Link about 5 best mirrorless

Well, born as a lucky younger brother, my cunning brother allow me to borrow his D60 with some other gears. So, if I Have the older brother, why do I need the younger brother mirrorless for? And as you can see the tittle, I need a backup camera. They need to be small and compact to be carry around, have easy sets of setting so that I don’t need to bother configure all the setting before loss my shot. And for another big reason, BUDGET!!. No point thinking too much if you cannot afford it.

I might prefer to have a compact for now, but who know? If tomorrow I become a millionaire, mirrorless might be a good choice =p

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