Selfmade reflector

I would like to make some review about the reflector I make. Of course it is not good like using speedlight, but it make the job done.

For those who did not know what reflector is, as the name state, it reflect thing, but what I like to say, it reflect light. Speedlight does not really need a reflector, you can just bend it away to flash any place you want and the light will bounce around the room. This help improving image by preventing too much shadow on the photo subject. And also preventing from too much light banging the subject’s face. (bang!bang!)

Photo 31-03-2013 14 41 38 Photo 31-03-2013 14 41 52

You can try do it yourself, but if you don’t have time and have plenty of money, just go and buy a speedlight.

Link where I learn how to make it..

_DSC0001 _DSC0002 _DSC0003 IMG_1277 IMG_1278 IMG_1279

As you see, it may look a bit weird. If you care much about cosmetics, speedlight is your answer.



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