There was a blackout 3 days ago, where I with a help from my housemate accomplish two things. SMOKE PHOTOGRAPHY and LIGHT PAINTING. It was just short time but I enjoy experimenting with the camera(don’t know my housemate enjoy it or not =p). It is not very nice like I saw they do it in youtube, but at least I’m satisfied and have fun with it. =)

Here some link showing how to do it:- – How to do Smoke Photography – How to do Light Painting

_DSC0011    _DSC0027

_DSC0031    qwbch

asap copy

With smoke photography, most of the beauty come with editing, you can play with the smoke by blowing or make a circle with it. Put the image in photoshop and carve your creativity into it.

Different with light painting, you need a long exposure time, dark room, and a torch. Luckily it was blackout, everything is dark, so we manage to have not only dark room, but also dark living room. Its not my room actually, so a bit dirty. >.< (sory mate!)




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