Inner Conversation.

I was looking at someone shot(photography). It was so nice and awesome. Then I check back my photo album. Well, full of crap. Not so good compare to others. I always keep saying to myself to improve my skill, but nothing change. The same crap always come out from that LCD.  So, these two questions come to my mind.

Why all your pictures not so good?

Simple. I’m not good enough and a slow learner (zero experience).

Then why keep playing around with photography if you suck at it?

Sorry, but I cannot stop. I just don’t care and keep playing with that shutter. I love to hear shutter sound. Yes I don’t take good picture, but I enjoy photography. Some of the picture just for documenting purpose, no need to be so photogenic =p

So, why not just use auto mode or take a simple compact camera?

Compact and auto mode both are helpful. Easy to use and save time. But by time, I get bored with it. Playing with DSLR is better and fun for me. Trying different lens, long exposure, bokeh and many more. I just love it. F**k with the result. I don’t really care how the image look like. Hahaha =D

Maybe that the reason I don’t feel so good when people asking me to take their picture. Coz I know it will look bad, I prefer candid.

=======================end of questions========================

InsyaAllah, I will improve by time.

* ignore the grammatical mistake. (aku tak reti bahasa inggeris)



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