HDD Dock

I was thinking of buying an external hard disk. I do own one, but I want to buy another one especially for my pictures collection. But since I’m a long term thinker and having some problem with budget, I want to raise some more pocket money to buy a HDD dock.

FIDECO YPZ08 Three-Port HDD Docking Station for 2.5″ / 3.5″ IDE + SATA HDD – Black (3TB)

Then I can save lots of money buying just an internal hard disk. But careful, nowadays we have 2 types of interface, IDE & SATA. In case, so not buying a wrong type interface. Like above dock, it have both of them. So I can put my old hard disk in it too.

Stands for / AKA: IDE: Integrated Drive Electronics / PATA: Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment Serial Advanced TechnologyAttachment Serial ATA
Lineage: Superseded by SATA Supersedes Parallel ATA (PATA) aka IDE
Year Created: 1986 2003
Hot plugging (add/remove component while the computer is running): IDE interface does not support hot plugging SATA interface supports hot plugging
Speed: data transfers at the rate of up to 133Mb/sec data transfers at the rate of 150Mb/sec to 6Gbits/sec
Data cable: Ribbon-like, wide, can be up to 18 inches long Narrow, can be up to 39 inches long
Advantages: Maximum compatibility SATA cables are also smaller in size than a PATA cable, allowing for increased airflow inside the computer case and decreased heat build up. This can help improve the overall life of a computer.
Disadvantages: Lacks support for new technologysuch as native command queuing and hot-plugging hard drives 1. SATA hard drives will sometimes require a specific driver to be loaded to a computer when installing an operating system 2.SATA is that the cable allows for only one SATA hard drive to be connected at a time. Whereas a PATA cable allows for hookin
Jumpers: In a computer system, it’s possible to have more than one harddrive. To connect multiple IDE drives, you need to chain the ribbon cablesfrom one to the next. The computer system has no idea which is the main drive, from which to load the OS. SATA drives don’t use jumpers. Each drive connects directly to the motherboard. To set the primary drive, you can access the settings from the computers BIOS (special software that runs when you start the computer).

Source: http://www.diffen.com/difference/IDE_vs_SATA

Raise some pocket money for long term investment.. worth it or not?or just buy an external hard disk? Please do tell..



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