Mini Studio Project

I was diagnosed having pre-exam syndrome disease (imaginary disease-never really exist). When exam is so near, all the neuron and synapses in my brain start to work very effectively, and too effective until I somehow manage to manufacture lot of ideas which not always there during “no exam” period. Then, I get distracted and suffer the exam hell inferno.

Mini Studio

So, this final exam come with an idea to create DIY mini studio. I get the idea when my friend gave me a nice chocolate box (thank you!!). The interior was so nice that I want to make it as a backdrop, but since it is so small -“boom!!”- mini studio. Thats how the idea came. I have been googling and found some simple way to make one.

Here –>

I get the concept, but may be I will use some different material to replace the binder.

Also, inspired by creativity of this guy –> awesome!

…. …. . . .

But.. lets focus on the exam first right??  (╥_╥)



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