Charity Dinner

These pictures were taken during the Yalla Charity Dinner. They collect some money for the orphans and poor people in Egypt. Thanks to Allah, they manage to collect about 7000 egyptian pound (if i’m not mistake) just that night. And Yalla is not organize by Egyption people, but by Malaysian students themselves. =)

Not only just a dinner, they invite some students to perform 2-3 songs related about orphans and poor. “SuperNova” band, that what they call. Owh! also some poems too~ one in Bahasa Malaysia and one in English. He was the founder of “writer’s refuge” facebook group(  Both were excellent on stage. And me running around finding a good angle to take a shot while not disturbing others to take photo too. Lucky they have speedlight. I wish I have one. ='(

May god bless Yalla for their effort in helping those poor children and people.


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