Inside Tramco

25th July 2013, 16th of Ramadhan 1434, I break my fast at a very nice seaside restaurant, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Having a glass wall, I can see the sunset view from inside of the restaurant, I cannot say there is any better restaurant than this(for the view). With grilled chicken and coffee vanilla, we satisfied our desire of food. Feeling like a rich people(since it expensive) and arrogant that night, I left the restaurant to head back home.

We take a tramco (a van), well known public transport in Egypt. And only  1 Egyptian Pound, we make our way home when suddenly an old man around 30-40 years (I think-not so old), stop the tramco and ride with us.


Here where all the story begin. Looking somewhat not so smart, a somehow I smell something not so nice, maybe from him, maybe not, or maybe it was my fart, I just don’t know. But I keep smiling and say nothing. I have that little feeling of looking down on him. I thought he was some kind of homeless person when suddenly he greet us in English. I was surprised since not many Egyptian like or know to speak English. Although his English is not so fluent (same as I), but he keep trying to make a conversation with us.

He said he is marine engineer, I don’t know whether he is employed or not. But there is one thing that make that man a special man. He has a vision. He told us that, he and his friend want to educate people and develop the desert in Egypt. For me, that is a very brilliant idea since Egypt have lot of unused land. Cities like Cairo and Alexandria are just too crowded.

But the conversation only last about 5-10 minutes since I have reach my destination. But it was a reminder from Allah for me, that I should not look down to anyone and not be arrogant with only some ‘nikmat’ (grace) I have from Him(Allah). He may look not much, but inside, he have a vision. A vision for himself, for his people and his country.

What do I have?



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