Sudden Trip – Langkawi

It was 3:30 a.m when we decide to go to Langkawi. We pack our stuff and start our trip at 4:15 a.m.

Arrive at Kuala Kedah and perform Subuh prayer, find a parking space (Rm 10/day), and go to jetty to find our ticket.

7:15 a.m , our ferry start to move toward Langkawi.

Arrive at 9:15, we rent a car (Rm 60/ day) – Proton Wira and start asking a stupid question – Where we heading?

But when you on a pulau (island). You must think of a beach. So head to the beach. Pantai Chenang.

And somehow we arrive at Underwater World. How that happen? Lets keep it as that. Lots of fish and even penguins. I cannot exactly remember the ticket price, but somehow – around Rm 30. It was a good place for family trip since kids get excited looking at big fish.

But who know, luck somehow on our side. We found the beach. At the backyard of Underwater World. But since we were f* tired, we just sit by and watch the beach hoping somehow we might get some sleep. – but we not.

It was a nice beach with lots of activities can be done here. Jet sky, banana boat and that parachute thing and we did none of those. =p

To Gunung Matchincang is our next destination. Struggling with the traffic, we manage to arrive there. Rm 15 for the cable car, we go up hoping to get some nice view of Langkawi. But it was a wrong day at a wrong time. Heavy fog – see nothing. So cannot give any comments.

Get down after having a hotdog for snack. We drove back to Kuah to sleep – in a car. For an hour.

Get up at 5 p.m. We sent back our rented car and get back to the jetty. Find some chocolate for buah tangan ( souvenir ) and take our ferry back to Kuala Kedah at 6:00 p.m.

Can’t remember when we arrive, but we had our dinner at Tat Nasi Ayam at Alor Star and head back to Kulim to get some proper “SLEEP”.

ps* more pics on facebook~


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