Cairo Sudden Holidays Trip.

Egypt get its sudden holidays for 2 weeks due to H1N1 virus. But too sudden make you don’t have any plan to do with it. Yet, we manage to get out from Alexandria to a very common place where everybody would think of – Cairo.

1st March – We start taking tramco to Cairo from Sidi Gaber. Pay le30 and we get to talk with Morocco guy and post graduate pharmacy student. And not to forget that bumpy ride. My ass just jump off the seat but lucky enough my head doesn’t hit the roof. Being small do have some advantage right?

We reach center of Cairo around 3.00 pm and it was damn HOT! and the traffic was like @#$%^&!. But we manage to find a taxi and straight to Haiyu Asyir (section 10) , Rumah Pahang to take a rest.

All the heat and traffic we had were paid off when we get to “melantak” at Che Rahim Restaurant, at Haiyu Sabiq (section 7). Nasi putih, ikan tiga rasa, gargil goreng, tomyam campur, telur dadar and daging merah.

Dah macam kat Malaysia..

It’s kinda sleepy, but we manage to stay up “melepak” until our brain get to shut down around 4 am.

7 am – 3 hours sleep surely not enough for me. But how can I resist nasi lemak, roti canai telur, roti canai kosong with kuah kari sambal and teh tarik for breakfast.

Around 11 am, we ready for our main objective – translate motorcycle license. It should not be long, but somehow we wait for 2 hours.

Menyirap gak tunggu lama-lama ni..

Sorry for those who need to wait for us, since they already rent a car to drive us to our next destination – Cairo Festival City. (credit to our professional Cairo driver – Baim)

Besaq gila b*bi..

We had some window shoping, “cuci mata” and the famous IKEA meat ball. Seriously I don’t know why it is famous among Malaysian to eat it. Man~! its overrated.

Meat ball ni macam overrated je.. -.-‘

With pair of tired lower limb we drag ourselves home around 5:30 pm. But somehow, even kaki macam nak tercabut, we had our pillow talk until 6 am. Hmm~

That awesome feeling when you wake up with nasi lemak and roti canai beside you…

Woke up at 11. Have some breakfast and we are ready to Haiyu Sabiq. Arrive around 3.30, we had luch at Thailand restaurant, Nile Restaurant. This time we had tomyam campur, sotong goreng tepung, udang goreng tepung, daging goreng kuyit, telur dadar, sirap bandung satu jag, dengan teh’o ais limau satu jag. Apa lagi mau?? aiyoo~ (and thanks to our Cairo friend, Mamat providing us a place to rest)

Then to City Star. This place really make me wish to fly. It was so big and my leg feel like it gonna snap off. But luckily we had our dinner at TGI Friday. But the waiter is sucks.. and the price were tasty too T.T..

Meluat pulak aku dengan waiter ni…

Done! time to get back home. Taxi to Ramsis Station. Take a tramco. le35, but this time, only 3 of us in it. Kinda scary because fear of safety we still manage to have some sleep. Its was really @#$%^ tired day. Arrive around 3:30 am. The trip end.

Best thing ever happen. Bring a dslr, with no SD card…

thanks to my 8mp samsung s3 camera. At least the moment were captured.


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