Not many people know that I wish to become a wild life photographer and a wild life researcher – once. But since I did not get the chance, it end up just as a hobby.

So, National Geographic and Discovery are my favorite channel. I could spend hours sitting and watching all the animals and ecosystems from the yellow grass of savanna to the mighty jungle of Amazon.

It must be so cool able to be so close to wild and able to record it with camera. For now, I just managed to get image of lizard, butterfly and cats. Sad isn’t it? But as a medical student who studying something that are so different from wild life, that is the only thing I can achieved now. Haha.

But now with Safarious, my interest start to light up once again. I never know that there is a place in online communities that gather people like us to share our passion and interest about wild life. From professional to just a curious boy who love nature could join a be a part of the community. So, why don’t you guys give a visit to and see if it interest you the way it interest me.

Thank you Safarious.




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