3 days to Malaysia

It all started at 20th July where I arrive at Mou3az Gadid at 8 pm looking for ticket to Cairo airport. I managed to get a ticket at 8:30 pm (EGP 55) but somehow we start to move at 8:50 pm. It was 5 hours journey which I slept almost all the time.

21st July. 1:50 am at Cairo International airport. After check in, I need to wait for the gate to open around 2:30 am. We or I(since I’m all alone) flew at 3:30 am and reach Abu Dhabi around 9 am local time. Then take another flight around 10:50 am to Malaysia which are 7 hours journey and reaching Malaysia around 10:50 pm local time.

But luck was not on my side when there were no tickets to Penang that night. Somehow I survive the 8 hours waiting at the airport to take a flight at KLIA2 (my 1st time there) at 7:15 am 22nd July. Thank god at last I arrive at Penang and reach home, tired, dizzy and sleepy.

And it feels like I took 3 days to reach Malaysia. Super exhausted.



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