Street #Throwback.

imageWalking out from an underground tunnel. Built for pedestrians to cross the road but still some of them refuse to use it.

imageOnly few months left for me to be here. Watching tramcos and yellow taxis everyday gonna be one of the permanent memories in Egypt. Why? Because in Malaysia we don’t have tramco and less taxis. Haha.

imageEven MacDonald’s is trying to help Egypt to be cleaner. But I see more trash outside the trash can. We have the same problem in Malaysia, just a bit better from my point of view. We all need to be more concerned about the environment.

imageA dog taking a break after a hardworking day. But his friend barked so loud and i’m frightened. Hahaha.

imageVolkswagen Kombi (if i’m not mistaken). Quite rare to see it in Malaysia, but quite a few around here. Classic.

imageThis ‘flat metal on the road’ which i don’t know what it’s really called. Supposed to make cars to slow down. But… But the best thing now, they have a traffic light not far away. Good improvement.

imageA new cafe built just beside the sea. Good for the customers to enjoy the sunset view.

imageI actually don’t know what these are called. It might be used for the construction of the cafe. But if you look carefully, inside it is someone’s home. Sad to know what will happen next.


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