Kelantan Trip


I start at 10pm 11/10/2011 and arrive at Kota Bharu at 4:15am. Thanks to Abdullah Kadir who willing to share his room, I stay there waiting for others to come. We meet during lunch at Nasi Ulam Cikgu Restaurant. Nice food, like kampung style.

Ever taste goreng pisang cicah susu pekat? Haa~ me never. Until Kadir make us some. Never though it taste nicer than eat just goreng pisang. – TORbaik

Nighttime – Then we had some kuey teow kerang, and our beloved HO. He really love talking and giving advice. Saying about work and stuff. Belief me, he enjoy it. Even when you are driving. – keep giving his talk. >.<

13/10/2013 – after manufacturing enough taik mata, we enjoy our breakfast with some kuih from Kelantan. (No photo-sorry). Get ready. And move to Yatie’s house. Again more eating is done. Nasi kerabu. – TORbaik.

BTW, her father love…

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