Blogging 101 – Assignment Four: Identify Your Audience

Well.. How should I start? I’m not really a good writer. And since I’m not good in English, it make things worse. But lets see… Finding audiences is quite a problem. To be honest, I don’t know what to say. Most of my time I spend with myself in my mind alone. Playing puzzle and imagining things around me. I’m not funny and a ‘old,classic’ kind of guy who love clubbing. Now, that sound not right isn’t it? So, how about I dedicate this post to friends out there who willing to be around me somehow even I’m a kind that hard to tell.

To friends, Who with me during my growing up ages, during time I was looking for some stupid identities, when problems were scattered like rubbish in my room and those who there giving me support and wise word to build me up.

To friends, Who I just met, which I never knew before, willingly to accept this weird kind of creature, who behave unaccordingly in most situation. Thank you so much.

Your smiles are one of big reason why I keep taking pictures.

DSC_2730 DSC04490 4A5 F3(10) F3(11)





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