There was a blackout 3 days ago, where I with a help from my housemate accomplish two things. SMOKE PHOTOGRAPHY and LIGHT PAINTING. It was just short time but I enjoy experimenting with the camera(don’t know my housemate enjoy it or not =p). It is not very nice like I saw they do it in […]

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Bukan la gamba kat bawah ni lawa gila sampai aku nak upload dua kali. Tapi sbb aku x tau nak pilih mana satu atas dilemma yg aku hadapi di tgh malam buta ni, jadi aku post la dua2, xyah nak susah2 pikiaq. Melalui proses editan sesuka hati, ni la jadinya. Aku Nak Tidoq~! why cannot […]

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Young and Old

It just a picture of building that I took during my evening walk. It remind me how we not realise how old we are until we saw these new generation coming beside us. It happen once in Malaysia, I was out buying “nasi ayam”. There were bunch of school kids at the bus stop. I […]

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